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LunaI worked for 30 years as a geologist and still consider myself a scientist. But I have always considered art an integral part of my life. In poetry and in the visual arts I have expressed my love of the world of the imagination, a world as necessary to me as the empirical reality of science.

Throughout the years I have experimented with various art mediums—watercolors, abstract paintings, collages, wire sculptures and mobiles. However, since my retirement in late 2003, I have concentrated on metal sculpture, creating each one from “found materials.” Working with found materials has added an extra dimension to the creative process for me; happenstance—the fortuitous find—often plays as large a role in the process as do detailed study and design.

ArabesqueAs a result, when I’m searching the scrap yard for the perfect piece of metal to give shape and form to an idea for a sculpture, I often find a piece of metal totally different than the shape I have been seeking. The new shape then gives rise to a different piece of sculpture. Either way, pink Flamingo the final product derives from objects that were utilitarian in nature. Old machine gears, discarded hayforks, sheared pieces of sheet metal or bent “I” beams, when assembled and welded in just the right way, can be visually pleasing and thought provoking, but because of their genesis, they are always unique.

When I first started working in this medium my creations were nonrepresentational abstract pieces. But with time I seemed to have gravitated toward more realistic pieces, such as Luna (above left), while making fewer purely abstract forms, such as Arabesque (below left). However, throughout this artistic journey, from abstract to representational, I have tried to interject a sense of the whimsical, as represented by the iconic pink Flamingo.

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